The Hallmark Inn Remodel

1 The Hallmark Inn is located in downtown Davis.





Enterprise Rent-A-Car Sales and Rental Building (Roseville CA)

Steel2 22,000 sq ft, Two-story commercial office building for car sales and rental.  The structure consists of metal roof deck and composite concrete floor deck over steel beams and girders with wide flange steel columns and shallow footings. The lateral force-resisting system is composed of reduced-beam-section (RBS) special moment-resisting frames around the perimeter of the building. The moment frame system was selected to minimize the structural impact to the building floor plan. An addition 3,000 sq ft was created for storage and car preparation utilizing a tow-story, concrete masonry unit (CMU) shear wall structure seismically isolated from the office building. The CMU system was selected for durability in the exposed car preparation area. The building is currently under construction with completion anticipated for spring 2015.

Orange Tree Senior Apartments

IMG_1975The Orange Tree Senior Apartments consist of 49 senior units (plus one manager’s unit) in downtown Oroville.