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Pemberton Engineering is a structural engineering firm established in 1999 in Davis, CA. The focus for the start-up of the firm was, and still is, based on a sound, straightforward premise:

A project – any project – will be as excellent as the skillset and level of devotion it receives from the individual person who executes it.

With that in mind, Pemberton Engineering is a small firm by design, offering the services of the most highly skilled, extraordinarily qualified structural engineers in the area, Mark Pemberton, SE, and Structural Designer Jordan Rutledge, E.I.T.

The benefits of this approach are twofold:

1) The minimal overhead costs of a small firm afford the clients better, more competitive rates, and

2) every client’s project receives uniquely personalized attention, time, and care from a licensed structural engineer.

Close interaction and communication with the client allow the engineer to develop a design that fulfills the client’s vision for the project while providing the most cost-effective approach to construction.

These benefits have been well realized over the last 15 years by clients who can attest to the value that Pemberton Engineering provides. Today, Pemberton Engineering has become the go-to firm for most of the architects in Davis. Projects have included various types, ranging from custom residential to commercial; new designs, additions, and remodels to seismic retrofits.

One of the facets of structural engineering that Pemberton is well known for is the clarity and constructability of its structural drawings, thus eliminating most construction issues. Another area in which Pemberton Engineering excels is its use of alternative materials to create “green” designs. In addition to the standard construction materials, such as wood, steel, masonry, and concrete, Pemberton has designed with Tridi Panels, strawbale construction, and fiber-reinforced plastics.

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